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There are numerous self-harm chat rooms and self-harm forums on the internet. These self-harm chat rooms and self-harm forums offer support and help for individuals who cut themselves and/or engage in other self-injurious behavior. Unlike pro self-harm websites, these self-harm forums do not glorify cutting or self-harm; rather, they encourage their members to discuss their life problems, woes, and feelings, help each other find alternative ways to cutting, and are pro-recovery. Self-harm chat rooms and self-harm forums are equivalent to online “support groups” that are moderated by experts and consist of loving and non-judgmental individuals.

These websites provide help and support, as well as lend an open ear and an open mind for people who engage in self-harm or think about doing so. Policies of these self-injury forums include zero tolerance for pro self-harm activities or behaviour. Apart from forums, most of these websites also house live chats / support with counsellors or fellow adolescents via self-injury chat rooms and/or Skype.

We have compiled a list of the most popular and helpful self-harm chat rooms and self-harm forums for you below. 

Recover Your life ( Safe Haven (

Teen Line Online (

Healthy Place Self-Injury Forum (

Self-Harm: Recovery, Advice, and Support (

Kids Help Phone (

Holding Of Wrist ( ( (

Fort Refuge (

Bodies Under Siege Forum (

Bodies Under Siege (BUS) Chat (

Virtual Teen Cutting and Self-Harm Forum (

Removing Chains (

Self-harm chat rooms and self-harm forums are very helpful and many adolescents have found refuge and good advice from these websites. However, as with anything, there are pros and cons in joining or participating in these forums or chat rooms. Numerous pros have already been discussed: cutting chat rooms help individuals look for alternative ways to address their pain, find solace and support from recovering self-harmers, and get informed and accepted while being treated. An atmosphere of empathy is also present. However, there are several cons too. First of all, exposure to cutting forums, wherein people share their experiences of self-harm, unwittingly increases the desire to self-injure. Furthermore, shared experiences, images, and even “support” could contain triggering information and stimuli that have a big possibility to enable adolescents to start cutting. Although these self-harm forums have strict policies against the glorification of cutting, this cannot be completely avoided as some members still persist in doing so, and may unconsciously impart tips and tricks of cutting and self-injury by sharing their experiences. For some individuals, the more a behaviour is talked about, the more it fosters a craving to engage in that behaviour.

Because of all of this information, it is important to ask yourself if you think that getting involved in support groups will just ignite your desire to self-harm or whether this support will help cease this behaviour. Remember that everyone is different, and it is very important for you to examine yourself and find out if involvement in self-harm chat rooms and self-harm forums is the best option for you.

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  1. I’m sick of being bullied every single day in school. I didn’t deserve this and I’m such a nice person to everyone. I cry myself out to sleep every night why do they have to be so mean. I tried to suicide before but it just didn’t work. I wanna die, one day I’ll do it and I’ll make sure I die because I can’t take this anymore. I’m hopeless.

    • never say that! i know what your going through and it is hard but think of all the people you will hurt if you do kill yourself! You mean alot to your family! your important and you were given this life because you can do it!

    • Kik Me: Laurenerika98

      • am sat cutting now…..I hate my life…I have no family to speak to…I have been given a section 136 a couple of times…..I spent 18 yrs on heroin…bn clean for 5 months now…..but my depression is so bad, my life seems pointless, am loney am having councelling but that is for a violent relationship that ended in him getting 6 months for beating me unconious and strangling me… I don’t know how to stop the hurt and pain…my life gets worse as I get older

    • Diana,.they’re insignificant people. I know it feels like you should just end it all because the pain, unappreciaction and hopelessness is too hard to bare. But school years are just another chapter in your life, and try please try to remember that you have the power,you are the leading lady in your own life and one day hopefully very soon you can turn that pain into something better and channel it
      into your future. Show your strength,.know your strength you are worth so much more than the bullying you go through, you dont deserve it nobody does, but stay strong and know others go through the same thoughts you have,I do everyday. You may feel alone,but you are not alone somebody will always be willing to listen!

      • hi everyone,
        Im going to reply again on Diana’s message.
        Im.going to just put this out here, I know we’re all strangers but we all have one thing in common and I’d like to just be someone to help all of you in anyway I can,I know it may seem silly but please for those that have facebook add me “Beth Baker (beefy) and for those who lives in the UK feel free to text me “07817062175” I know this chat is anonymous but I really don’t care, I help, be someone to talk to, to be there, just a person who you have no connection to who you can just speak to about everything and I promise I’ll always listen!
        Please consider it please!

    • I know what your going through. It’s not the end of the world. They just think your easier to pick on because your nice. Don’t give them the satisfaction. I know this is horrible advice, but it’s the same advice my older brother gave me
      ” when they decide to hit ya, hit ‘em back twice as hard “

    • i feel like i want to die everyday :( i either feel like im getting left out, or i am alone i feel like nobody understands me. good thing my friends aren’t on here to judge me, or talk crap.

    • Hey, hey its okay. Never say you’re hopeless. If you have tried committing suicide but it was a fail that goes to show you are not done on this Earth yet. People come in all different shapes, sizes, and everyone as a different personality. People will be jerks, like the ones bullying you. A motive for the people bullying is to take away there victims self esteem and make them think they are with nothing. Sweetie you are worth more than money could buy or love. We will grow older and in the next few years these people we associate with will not matter in that time. We wont talk or see these people in the future so why waste so much time on them. Stand up for yourself, be heard. You were given a voice for a reason. I suggest you use it. I myself used to be bullied and i know this sounds cliche but trust me when i say that things will improve and so will your self esteem and tolerance for these kinds of people. You are worth so much more.
      ~Gabby S.

  2. i yaj almost cutting myself for 6 yrs no one helped me no one understand me i hate being me im depressed to let anyone down i hate myself i need help my mind are full of suicidal thoughts iwant to stop i want to i badly want please help me please

  3. im so tiered of being here. i cut myself for 4 years now and im 15 i hate what i became. im anorexic but i think im fat i hate myself and i tried to commit suicide 3 times but one day it will work

    im just a wast of space

    • Shaylin says:

      You are not a waste of space. You are important to somebody and it could kill them just to know you aren’t around anymore. Try seeking help, and I know sometimes that doesn’t work, so you could also try helping yourself.

  4. unknown says:

    Ever since my first self mutilation, no one, not even my own family, noticed the scars on my arms and hand. Up until now, that is. But before they saw it, my friends realized them and asked what was on my skin. I lied and told them the scars were injuries from recent “accidents”. They believed me and never spoke of it again. Now that my family finally realized what was going on, they automatically blamed the genre of music I listen to, to be the cause of it. I’m sick of everything they say and blaming things on what shouldn’t be blamed. My mom says she’ll find help for me but I don’t know what to say.

    Thanks for listening.

  5. Shaylin says:

    I recently started cutting my wrists in march but now that Summer is coming up and I also have a doctors appointment coming up I started doing it on my waist where even the bathing suit covers my skin. It bleeds a lot more there actually. I don’t hate myself and I don’t think I’m ugly. I just don’t deserve to be here among all of these happy people, bringing them down. All I have ever done is hurt people and affected people. I don’t want to effect people. I just want to lay in my bed and die. I don’t want to be around anymore. My mom has a major disease that requires her to take a lot of medication and she keeps all of it right out on the counter. It’s some really heavy drugs, to. Some stuff would kill you in less than a day if you took enough. My mom doesn’t know I cut and I don’t think think that she knows I’m depressed. I know cutting and depression is wrong so I asked her without saying anything about myself if I could go back to therapy. But at the same time I don’t want help and I don’t want to stop. The feeling is hard to explain, depression and excepting self harm, but i suppose the best way to explain it is to want to just “float away in the ocean until something catches you…” whether it drowns you or keeps you afloat.

    • Jameela says:

      Nothing would be the same if you ceased to exist. You have a right to be unhappy and you dont always have to match the mood of people around you, you are your own person. You have your own feelings, style, personality. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m just feel like I’m worthless. I’m crap, no one really likes me. the say I’m Annoying, I feel like they pity me. that the don’t really care. I’m fat and stupid ugly .my grandma has cancer.I hardly ever get to see my siblings . I’m just this waste of space . I mean if wasn’t here I feel that everyone would be happier without me. I cut because I’m guilty, I’m angry, I’m sad and because I’m scared to loose people I care about.

  7. My sisters tell me they got it bad i got no friends i am so nice to people yet people tell me to kill myself i tryed a bunch of times i have prolly wrote 15 differnt notes just to my mom im sick of thia world im sick of this place i will end it and i dont wanna so if i dont get help i dont know if i will be alive for my 16th birthday its thats bad

  8. I used to be abused. I know what your thinking. Attention seeker! Well, only part way. Yes, I want your attention because I feel like my words are valid. No, I don’t want your sypathy. So anyway. I as abused a couple years ago. No big deal, right? Wrong. I would bite myself, bang my head on walls, hurt myself because if igured if they could hurt me, why couldn’t I. I moved out of that situation and have lived with my dad scince. I thought I was cured. Nope. I never did feel as if my voice was valid enough to speak aloud unless it was the answer to a math problem. All I have ever wanted to do in life was be heard. When I was taught that I wasn’t worth that? My life turned around. For almost my whole life, I have been in a state of depression. Every day it gets worse. When I was little, kids were afraid of me because I had anger issues. When I was in middle school, I was ignored because I had been trasformed into a little voice who hardly ever spoke. But, when I did speak, I was shunned. When I finally moved in with my dad, at home things were okay. But at school, it was all the same. My anger got worse. My anxiety took control amd all the time everyone would tell me it was just a phase. That my step dad was just a new dad and didn’t know how to deal with teenagers. So, basically, everything was put on my shoulders. Then, I gave in to the blade. I cut. I couldn’t stop. I didnt want to stop. Evrytime I thought a light was finally on my life, it was cast in shadow. I was a shadow. I always have been. I no longer cut, because I have focused on this obsession of being thin, which I know will never happen beacause I eat to cope. But, if I can stop both my coping mechanisms, maybe there will be no reason to cope at all.

    • Sabrina says:

      I’m not saying I’m in a better place than you but something about what you said hit me hard. If you want to you can kik me @. dominance0
      I hope I can help somehow

  9. kali moses says:

    I am 12 and I have been self harming for 2 years and I am a adopted child and I was adopted when I was 11 and I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and 2 sisters and one brother was self harmers and I want a girl my age I can talk too to get my problems out if you have an awnser Kik me at kalimoses

  10. Hi, i think i dont deserve living on this planet i cut my self, i have depression, anxiety and sucidal thoughts. And i need someone to talk to someone who listens and doesn’t judge me

    Kik: lauraa_4_

  11. When people ask why I’m depressed I tell them this: Dissociative identity disorder · Factitious disorder · Anxiety disorder · Bipolar disorder · Psychotic disorder · Eating disorder · Personality disorder · OCD. I mean you try living with all of that aNd not be depressed & suicidal.
    I’m sorry, Im just lost and Idk what to do anymore…

  12. i started cutting when i was in 3rd grade, it wasn’t that much. but it kept growing and growing. it became an addiction. i am not 15 and over 3/4ths of me is covered in scars. i have been to 3 mental hospitals. have tried suicide 4 times. I wish i still had hope. but its gone. i turn 16 in 5 months and most normal girls dream of being 16 but not me. what i dream of is when it will end and i can really smile. but i just want to give up so much.

  13. suicidethought says:

    I was clean for over two months now, until today. My sister, who I’m ashamed to call my sister is driving me insane. I can’t tolerate this anymore.every year she leaves for college but during .the summer she comes and spent the time with us. She’s a devil, she gets angry really fast and treat my friends really badly, she humiliate me and curse me infront of them.she lie to my parents and say that everything is my fault. She fights and beats me 24/7, i never reply though i keep it to myself and shut up. Which only make her unstoppable and so she goes to my room and bring all my personal items, the things i adore and either trash/cut or spoil them. She’s treating Me about cutting my books knowing how keen I’m on taking care of the things i though, i lost it, i had the idea of killing her but she’s way stronger than me and so the idea of suicide came back to me, i went to the bathroom and started cutting myself,my arms and my legs. I’m in miserable case. I’m depressed and what’s scaring Me to death is that next year I’ll have to leave and join her with college in the country she study in. I don’t want to turn 18. I’m scared more than you me please

  14. BeautifulScars says:

    Hello everyone. I haven’t cut in 2 months. But unfortunately my scars, although they are meaningful reminders, they are very noticeable. I’m about to start a new job. A job where my scars would have to be uncovered. No long sleeve shirts or hoodies to hide my past. I was wondering if there’s any recommendations for hiding them. Is there a certain makeup or cream of some sort? Thanks so much!

    • Beautiful scars, I have some on my legs. They are noticeable. But I’ve just learnt to suck it up and tell myself to stop being a b*tch. It might be hard at first, but you’ll get over it. And who cares what the people at work think about you. They’ll have to accept it.

      And if that doesn’t work. Try bracelets. Lots of thick bracelets

  15. gerald temple says:

    Thinking about cutting I have in the past I’m going to now I was thinking why I did it and why others might and what to ask if others felt the way I do. I have heard most call it a realise I’m not so sure I hate my skin it’s like I’m trapped in it. Best way to describe what the feeling of cutting did for me is it’s like having a plastic bag over your head suffocating and the cutting is like piercing that bag to breath. So if I’m suffocating in my own skin how do I breath?

  16. I’m almost 18 and I know that many people go through my situation. Only I’m more emotional and not able to deal with that. So here it comes: I graduated high school and I miss some of my friends so much. Especially a girl I love so much, but she’s taken. It’s been 5 weeks since I last saw her and I think that explains the emptiness I feel. It’s so weird. I feel like my heart is being torn to pieces all the time, but it doesn’t split. So now I begun self harming myself, again. And the worst thing is that I feel good about doing it, but after that I feel like no one will understand my actions. I’m totally lost and can’t find a way out. A way to be able to let her go.

  17. bi polar cutter says:

    I just feel like I need to cut the other way and a lot deeper. I am only 15 and have 100 plus scars I feel guilty when I do it because me and my girlfriend quit together and 1 week asgo I relapsed and I feel like crap.

    • I know how you feel and it absolutely sucks when you quite with soeone or because of someone cause you feel bad when you fall back into it again

  18. that anonymous cutter says:

    I always cut, my parents dont know as I hide in jumpers. I cry myself to sleep and cut every other day. My parents dont care about me so don’t say they do. They leave me and favourite my older brother. I have suicidal thoughts and nearly everyone at school hates me. I JUST WANT TO DIE.

  19. no one important says:

    I’m going through hard time at the moment, school, trainings, my grandmas surgery, my mom’s problems with health, my parents constantly arguing… All I do is cry myself to sleep every night, I want to cut so bad… Deeper each time.. I’m confused… I don’t know what to do

  20. I am losing my mind. I started cutting about three months ago. I used to cut so that I would feel pain, feel something, but now I feel nothing. I cut deeper and deeper to feel some pain but none comes. What the hell am I doing wrong?

  21. hi all im tink been SI since I was 11 im now 25 I met my partner 5year ago and I stop si for a while jst do it on the odd occasion when I no it no one going to notice everyone I no no that I have sufferd in the past as big mouths have to blab i hid it for many years but all thinks i have stoped now I really finding it hard and stuggleing from wen I wake to wen I sleep all it think is I need to si it really getting to me I dont want my other half to no as I dont want to put more pressure on her or upset her its making me fill so sick as if she see any sort of mark she will no dnt no how much longer I can keep going like this

  22. At school I know every one judges me, I’ve been called ugly, a whore, bitch. The thing that drives me over the edge is that no one cares, when I tell people they don’t answer. I’ve been clean for a few months now. It’s driving me insane my legs and wrist always burn and itch. My hands are even shaking from the past few days, of course I have friends, do they know? No. Do they care? Most likely no. The worst part is, I’m only 13 I shouldn’t be having these intensive feelings, I should not be treated this way. One way it will end.

  23. I hate this so much I get bullied at school my ex bf abused me and date rapped me and I have major depression and I have major self harm urges and sometimes I have bad thoughts. My family just makes me feel so worthless and I get so tired of it.

  24. The longest I’ve been clean for is 76 days. I wish that i could go back and change all of my decicions. I started cutting when i was young 5th grade. i started cutting because of bullying and now the only reason i am still doing it is because i developed an addiction to it over the 5 years thast ive been cutting. i was fine and happy for a whle than my best friend commited sicide and all my friends were onlyworried about me because they knew i was gonna have a relaps which i did. after that i was clean for a months but now its a daily thing. if i dont cut i feel like im asvout to burst i have so much anger at everbody but i dont know why and i can never control it but i dont want to lash out at anybody so i use the pain to lash out at my self


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